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Вышел сборник трудов конференций по шумеро-аккадскому наследию на Востоке и Западе

Literary Change in Mesopotamia and Beyond and Routes and Travellers between East and West.

Proceedings of the 2nd and 3rd Melammu Workshops

Edited by Rocío Da Riva, Martin Lang and Sebastian Fink

Melammu Workshops and Monographs 2


ISBN 978–3–96327–066–6

292 Seiten / 17 x 24 cm / Hardcover, Fadenheftung

Buch + E-Book (ISBN ISBN 978–3–96327–067-3): 90,00 €, auf Anfrage

Literary Change in Mesopotamia and Beyond. 2nd Workshop of the Melammu Project. University of Innsbruck, 13–14 October 2016

Edited by Martin Lang and Sebastian Fink

Martin Lang: About a History of Ancient Near Eastern Literature. An Introduction to the Melammu Workshop “Literary Change in Mesopotamia and Beyond, 13th–14th of October, 2016”

Peeter Espak: The Transformation of the Sumerian Temple Hymns

Simonetta Ponchia: Looking for Threads of Transmission and Change in II Millennium Heroic Narrative

Takayoshi M. Oshima: Legends of Sargon. History to His Story: Forming the Warrior King Archetype

Vladimir Sazonov: Some Notes on the Evolution of the Hittite Royal Annals

Vladimir Emelianov: The Evolution of the Festival of Dumuzi in the Light of Russian Assyriology


Routes and Travellers between East and West Cultural Exchange in the Ancient World. 3rd Workshop of the Melammu Project. University of Barcelona, 22–23 March 2017

Edited by Rocío Da Riva and Sebastian Fink

Rocio Da Riva / Sebastian Fink: Introduction

Paola Corò: Greek as Travellers in Near Eastern Sources

Sebastian Fink / Kerstin Droß-Krüpe: Assyrians and Babylonians in Classical Sources

Julien Monerie: Invading Mesopotamia, from Alexander the Great to Antiochus VII

Aurélie Paci: Travelers in Upper Mesopotamia during the Middle and Early Neo-Assyrian Periods. Itineraries and Objectives, from East to West

Jaume Pòrtulas: The Sage’s Lehrjahre

Ian Rutherford: Religious Networks and Cultural Exchange. Some Cases from the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean in the 3rd–1st Millennia BC

Christoph Schäfer / Pascal Warnking: Through the Middle Sea. An Overview of the Main Mediterranean Sea-Routes in Antiquity

Christopher J. Tuplin: Greek Mercenaries in Mesopotamia. The Visit of the Ten Thousand



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